Why PixelRace?

PixelRace is a Polish technology provider for film producers of TV commercials, music videos, TV series, and feature films. It is a place where artists and technology specialists work. A space where film art and knowledge of technology intertwine with visions of how to tell visual stories using technology tools. PixelRace is one of the first companies in Poland that started using the technique of real time virtual production, which consists of computer generated photo-realistic exteriors and interiors, rendered in real time and in synchronization with physical scenography. The actors’ scenes are shot using so-called virtual locations, using technology from photorealistic computer games.

We make tools for Virtual Film Production: software, 3D scan based products.

Virtual Film Production is a quite fresh branch in film industry. That’s why it is still complicated. Our products are designed is such a way to make things easier for you. We make it stable and budget friendly even if you need to move very fast. We are from film industry, so we understand it. We understand the importance of a shooting day, the pressure and the responsibility. 

PixelRace stands for:

  • tools that help the real and virtual worlds perfectly blend together. 
  • passion for advanced Technology that is, following Arthur C. Clarke, undistinguishable from Magic. 
  • highest quality possible – down to a single pixel. We are perfectionists so we tend to expect an extra lot from ourselves.
  • Speed and thinking far ahead in terms of technology as well as strategy. 
  • care for others and for the world we live in. We want to make sure that we help make this world a better place. 

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