is a projects of creating digital 3D copies of National Parks in Europe. The copies will be created using Unreal Engine and contain software tools simplifying the usage of MetaBiomes in Virtual Film Production.  The first batch would consist of partnership with 6 National Parks. The project creators want to increase recognition of European natural landmarks and protect them at the same time from the damage caused by film crews. The use of innovative technologies can not only remove this risk for productions based only on, but also give them an access to locations most difficult to obtain due to their heritage value.  

The Pixelrace’s ambition is to challenge the film industry status quo and offer a solution that will be much more climate-friendly, and also more cost-efficient for film producers than traditional shooting in distant natural locations. According to the report Green screens, green pixels and green shooting, Virtual Production can consume about a third of the energy needed for an comparable offline rendered production (done it classic film workflow: preproduction -> production -> postproduction). This means a radical cut in CO2 emissions. However, at the moment the technology still comes at a cost too high for the average production. pricing strategy is to provide quality software and tools that will make this sustainable technology more widely available.