PixelRace team represents a great spectrum of cross industry knowledge and experience. It is crucial for the virtual production field, because it’s a very new industry branch and many problems don’t have good practice or typical solutions.

A management approach based on cross industry expertise, gives us a much better chance for cost effective solutions.

The experience of the PixelRace’s team consists of knowledge in the following fields:

  • film industry
  • television and broadcast production
  • events industry
  • amusement and fixed entertainment parks industry
  • programming and automation
  • fine arts
  • game dev and virtual reality

Maciej Żemojcin

Production Manager and project lead

One of the first Virtual Production producers in Poland. Has 20 years of experience in the international film industry in production positions and as film technology supervisor. In private life: skiing instructor, sailing skipper, constant explorer and adventure seeker. Can’t live without the outdoors. Participant of AdGoesGreen initiative in Poland. MA in Fine Arts. 

Radosława Bardes

Project co-manager and strategist

20 years of experience in international film industry. She has worked on films such as “Wałęsa” by Andrzej Wajda, “Fawns” and over 100 episodes of different TV series. She co-produced multiple international productions including recent “Infinite Storm” by Małgorzata Szumowska. MA of Torun University. Privately unstoppable traveler and mountain trekking enthusiast.

Krzysztof Kieszkowski

Head of Software development

25 years of experience as entertainment systems integrator and IT specialist. C++ team leader and Unreal Engine specialist and 3D artist. Creator of one of Europe’s first virtual TV studios in Hamburg in 2010. Privately constant technology early adopter, smart and energy independent housing explorer. Diving and sailing enthusiast. 

Maxim Orlov

Unreal Engine senior artist and 3D scanning specialist

Virtual production specialist and Unreal Engine supervisor. 12 years of experience as a film postproduction supervisor and VFX artist. In private life: game player and animal lover.